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April 14, 2020

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November 4, 2018

Hello. I added screen captures to the gallery from the movie ‘Soul Plane‘ (2004). Enjoy!

SoulPlane2004_28729.JPG SoulPlane2004_282829.JPG SoulPlane2004_2814729.JPG SoulPlane2004_2823329.JPG

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September 16, 2018

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To call Sofia Vergara successful is an understatement. Seriously, looking at her long list of accomplishments makes you wish there were a word bigger than that to describe her.

Think about it: At a time when it is considered a huge win if a television series lasts for three or four seasons, Sofia is heading into her 10th season playing Gloria on the top-rated sitcom Modern Family. Not only that, she’s regularly listed as one of TV’s highest-paid women. Oh, and Sofia isn’t just killing it in the entertainment industry. She’s a partner in two tech companies: a subscription, size-inclusive underwear business called EBY; and Raze, a Latin American digital media and social platform. The 46-year-old has also turned herself into a bit of a beauty mogul, with four popular fragrances and a great gig as a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders under her belt.

Somehow, with all this going on, Sofia has also managed to take care of her personal life. She’s been married to fellow actor Joe Manganiello, 41, for nearly three years, and they both radiate happiness together. Follow her on Instagram and it’s clear that she has a close bond with her 27-year-old son, Manolo.

So what’s the secret to all her success? We asked that exact question when we sat down with her after her Health cover shoot in Los Angeles.

I don’t sit crying about something—a job I don’t get or a deal that doesn’t go through,” says the actress, lounging on a couch and wearing a blue-and- white-striped off-the-shoulder dress and some serious wedges. “Like, That’s it, move on, try to find something else… Because if you don’t, you lose time crying about it. So let’s not lose time!

It makes sense. By keeping her eye on the prize and not dwelling, Sofia has managed to craft a career that has longevity and to nurture other life interests (like her beauty obsession and family!). Here, Sofia shares more life lessons, plus reveals her top skin-care tips and the secret to her steamy marriage.

As Modern Family heads into its 10th season, what’s different about playing Gloria now?
Well, of course it gets easier and easier, because you kind of become that person. Like, I already know how she’s gonna react to things. But it’s always fun. You know how you hear that some actors get bored of playing a character for so long? To me, it’s super exciting. There is never a dull moment on set.

Who’s your best pal behind the scenes?
Ed [O’Neill, who plays Gloria’s husband, Jay], because I’m in every scene with him—we’ve created this great bond in the past nine years. We know each other and we don’t annoy each other—we haven’t had one single problem in nine years, I think! We talk about my kid and his kids—he has even younger kids than I do, which I think is super funny. But also Ed is an old-timer, and he has these fascinating stories about Hollywood. It’s a lot of fun to hear him talk.

Is there anything you have taken from Gloria?
Well, I think that she has taken more from me—from my life, from my family, and the way that I live my life. But of course, she’s a lot better than me in how intense she is with her family, and how completely dedicated she is in making the family work. She’s a character—she’s fake, so she’s better! [Laughs]

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