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August 13, 2016

Actress Sofia Vergara says for her wearing perfume is an integral part of dressing up.

The 44-year-old “Modern Family” star said she is addicted to putting on fragrances and even spray it between the scenes, reported E! online.
I always wear perfume. Every day. To me, it’s part of dressing. If it’s a summer day, I wear something lighter. If it’s a date, I put even more on.”

I don’t feel completely done without it-I feel naked! It also makes me feel refreshed, like a quick shower. I always have one in my trailer, so I can spray in between scenes,” Vergara said.

The actress, who recently launched her new fragrance, “Tempting,” also opened up about her journey of creating the third scent.

This is my third fragrance! ‘Sofia,’ which was my first, was a little more fruity and vibrant. You can wear that one all day long; it’s a scent for every age. The second one we did was a little bit sweeter and romantic; it’s called ‘Love.’ And for ‘Tempting’ I wanted something sexier, something that will make you feel ready for action,” she said.