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Bobby Moresco will direct the thriller about a narcotics detective who seeks revenge on the person who framed him and killed his partner.
Karl Urban, Sofia Vergara and Andy Garcia will star in the revenge thriller Bent.

Bobby Moresco, who won the Oscar for co-writing the screenplay for Crash, will direct the film from a screenplay he wrote himself, based on characters created by Joseph O’Donnell.

The story follows Danny Gallagher (Urban), a shamed and discredited narcotics detective who, upon his release from prison, makes plans to seek revenge on the accuser who framed him and killed his partner. In seeking out the truth of what happened, Gallagher investigates the mysterious car-bomb murder of a local bookie’s sister. Gallagher soon discovers that the murder is connected to an elaborate conspiracy involving high-stakes treason with major international implications.

The story’s twists and turns force Gallagher to confront a ruthless, seductive government agent (Vergara) who may or may not be on his side and his mentor, Murtha (Garcia), a retired cop who’s fought corruption his entire career.

Principal photography starts in Rome this month. Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi of AMBI Media Group and O’Donnell of Deadly Codes Productions are producing.

Bent delivers on the best of film noirs — a main character driven by revenge who is forced to choose between the truth he knows, the evidence against that truth and the woman he loves most in the world. Karl, Sofia and Andy are a powerful onscreen trio who have a rich story to work with thanks to the brilliant story and characters created by Bobby and Joseph,” said Iervolino.

Karl Urban is represented by UTA. Andy Garcia is represented by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Sofia Vergara is represented by UTA and management company Latin World Entertainment. Bobby Moresco is represented by ICM and Primary Wave Entertainment.


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